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Applications and recommended media for temporary textiles

HP_RaúlVílchez 26th of March 2014

The demand for textiles for signage is growing, and HP Latex Printing Technologies present a good solution for capturing the temporary textile signage opportunity, in particular. You can leverage the same versatile, high-quality printing system to produce a wide range of traditional signage applications as well as many types of temporary textiles – enabling you to expand your business into new areas and capture more pages without additional investment.

HP Latex printers are compatible with a wide range of textiles such as polyesters and natural fibers blends. HP Latex prints are odorless1 and thanks to the flexibility of the ink, the feel of un-coated materials is maintained.

This document will provide you with an overview of the key features of HP Latex Printing Technologies for temporary textiles as well as a guide on how to get optimal results when printing textiles with HP Latex printers.

Applications and recommended media for temporary textiles.pdf

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