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Bringing Leeds Children’s Hospital to Life!!

rosie6017 1st of April 2019

Paso 1

The walls at the LGI were in need of stripping of all existing branding and were in a poor state, a large part of the job and the initial stage was to decorate the walls for which we sent in a crew of decorators.

Paso 2

We came up with a solution to brand approx 1000 linear metres of wall space on the Children's ward at the Leeds General Infirmary Hospital. Initial discussions were to use wallpaper but as the designs developed we felt cut vinyl would be more appropriate.

Paso 3

The next part and key to the success of the project was a full survey of all areas requiring graphics, this would be key for a smooth installation so we could identify where the graphics would be.

Paso 4

We surveyed the entire area and produced detailed drawings of the site, these were then passed on to the designers at Banana Kick to overlay their drawings which we then created an installation bible. Here is just one of the designs on the wall.

Paso 5

In terms of production, we chose to use Metamark Matt Supertack vinyl, this lends itself to not having to be laminated and would adhere better to the walls. We chose the Latex as the preferred print method for several reasons for this: the eco credentials of the ink, no harmful VOC’s as the graphics were in the children's area and also the vibrancy and solidity of colour on the Latex is second to none. In total approx. 2500m2 of Cad cut vinyl was produced.

Paso 6

The new colourful entrance to the ward. What a transformation!

Paso 7

The children love the new dinosaurs!

Paso 8

The new graphics really bring the hallway to life.

Paso 9

The finished summer themed wall graphics on the ward.

Paso 10

A very colourful hospital and a very happy client!

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