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CPrintingEmotions brings life to a supporting immigrant women and children center: Diàlegs de la Dona

HP-Sonia 2nd of November 2018

In CPrintingEmotions we've built this project from the ground up, beginning with design and production, and finishing with the assembly and installation of all decorative elements. Every component was printed with the HP Latex 1500 Printer.

This space was created for the "Diàlegs de Dona Association”. They will use this ideal environment to host the children of immigrant women, while the women learn to adapt and thrive in a new city whose culture is very different from their own, Barcelona.

The room’s walls, floors and windows are covered with high quality vinyl media that has been printed with HP Latex Technology. The colors of this room will never fade or lose their resilience in the very same way these women never will. With the help of the "Diàlegs de Dona Association”, they work to prosper in a new and strange city.


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