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Coffee shop decoration

Zetasolutions 20th of May 2019

Paso 1

We developed a concept for a coffee shop that should reflect a relaxed, chilled mood. The customer had less than a month to set up the shop, and we were able to deliver a complete furniture and decoration solution thanks to in-house print, Direct to substrate print and cnc routing. In this picture, you can see the wall wrap, the specially created furniture, pillowcases and wall art.

Paso 2

Printed Adhesive Wall Wrap (Avery MPI 8000) Wrapped Front Counter (Avery MPI 1500) , Directly Printed and CNC cut Wood for the menu Board.

Paso 3

Printed Menu Board and CNC machined.

Paso 4

Custom Printed Polyester textile for cushions , custom-made furniture and wall art.

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