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Cookbook - Durable Textiles for HP Latex Printers

HP_RaúlVílchez 19th of April 2017

The demand for textiles for signage is growing and HP Latex Technology presents a practical solution for leveraging textile signage opportunities, in particular.

  • Textiles provide soft touch finishes, great color pops, and are considered to be more premium than vinyl or paper. Due to this fact, the end customer perceives a higher value.
  • Textiles are lighter, wrinkle-free, etc., they are easier to transport, mount and store, making the whole process cheaper due to the fact that the shipment and the storage costs drop.
  • The environmental regulations are changing and impacting PVC-based substrates and traditional textiles. Media vendors are moving toward non-PVC based materials and the traditional market is moving toward digital printing.

HP Latex Printers are compatible with a range of textiles such as polyesters and natural fiber blends. HP Latex prints are odorless and, thanks to the flexibility of the ink, the feel of an un-coated material is maintained.

This document provides tips and tricks for getting the best results from HP Latex printers when printing on textiles.

If you want to read this article please download the document below.

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