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How to stretch a wide format canvas

Roman Barba 11th of November 2015

A wide-format canvas is a very profitable application that can be easily done with no additional investment. Simply choose long wooden stretcher bars and staple the canvas print around them. Or just use shorter wooden bars and staple them together to create a wider wooden frame!

Whether you are looking for an impressive wide-format canvas to decorate a hotel reception area or a wide-format canvas to promote a product in a retail environment, HP Latex Technology is the ideal fit. With HP Latex printers up to 3.2-m / 126-in wide, you can create eye-catching canvases. And the free HP WallArt Solution helps you design the printing files, with folding guides included.

I took a 1.63-m / 64-in canvas roll from Fredrix, I printed a promotional image with the HP Latex 360 Printer, and I stretched it around a thick wooden frame to achieve a very elegant look. Take a look at this video to see how it’s done!

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