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HP Latex Open Day

HP-Sonia 16th of March 2016

Picture from oue Latex Open Day for Neschen Media users last October. This is was created using a mixture of media and print and printing finishing devices that included the Latex 300 series, FB750 UV flatbed, XY trimmer, Summa S Class and Summa F Series. All processed through the RIP Onyx Thrive.

Media used included;

Wallpaper station of one big graphic of spaceman via HP WALLART

– printed the door through the FB750.

  • Window graphics for the door (Nesch Window Grip Clear)
  • Nesch Wallpaper Sand P
  • Nesch Solvoprint Wallpaper Smooth (New product)
  • Nesch Wallpaper Stucco


Coffee café

  • Printed falcon board, clipped together with our own 3D printed clamps
  • Acrylic window with Neschen Solvoprint Easy Dot Transparent and Neschen Solvoprint Window Grip Clear window graphics
  • Blind (random blind material not sure what it was)
  • Two Neschen Art Canvas material canvas’ hooked on with our homemade 3D printed “S” hooks.
  • Falcon board shelf with 3D vase on it.
  • Table and Chair falcon board print and cut on fb750 cut on Summa F Series
  • Floor graphics with Neschen’s new (at the time) Print n’ Walk floor graphics
  • Cushion made out of Neschen Varitex Decoframe material

ArtSystems Marketing Team

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