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Printing on polyester films with HP Latex printers

HP-ALFONSO_SANCHEZ 9th of May 2017

Polyester films (PET films) can be used to fulfill a great variety of Sign & Display applications such as roll-ups or light boxes.

This document provides tips and tricks for getting the best results when printing on PET film with your HP Latex 110, 300, 500, 1500 or 3000 printer series.

Some common types of PET films are:

  • Backlit PET films: translucent materials to be used with rear illumination. They provide a high quality alternative for light boxes applications. High ink amounts are used to achieve excellent color saturation.
  • Frontlit PET films: commonly used in Roll-up or Pop-up displays, they represent a more rigid alternative to PVC banners, papers or textiles. Many substrates include a colored back side to block light.
  • Transparent PET films: similar to other PET films but without any whitening agent, they are used in applications such as window graphics.
  • Lightjet/Duratrans PET films: designed for digital chromogenic printing (non-inkjet) for fine art photographic applications. High cost due to the composition of the material (including silver salts).
  • Polycarbonate films: common in fields such as construction or food industry. They can have a similar look-and-feel to PET Films and are becoming a popular alternative in large format printing.

If you want to keep reading on the subject please download the article below.

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