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Truck curtain banners with HP Latex Digital Printing

HP-gracia.torralba 14th of June 2019

Marketing on wheels. Moving billboards that enhance corporate identity.

The HP digital printing technology allows you to achieve richer designs with saturated and vivid colors, smooth transitions, and a glossy finish. Forget about cracking with the HP Latex flexible inks. This green solution, composed of water-based Latex inks and Printcolor varnish is totally safe for human’s health and the environment.

HP Latex truc curtain marketing billboards

Curtains that last. The HP Latex solution for truck curtains offers long-lasting protection against UV radiation and weathering up to 5 years, thanks to the Printcolor Easy Protect 2.0 Varnish. Durability standards (1)

HP Latex truck curtain durability standards

(1)Lightfastness has been tested according to ISO 4892-3 on Heytex Truck banners H5551-0290 Vectaplan Panama Print, and H5560-0292 Vectaplan 9/9 Print by an external Laboratory.

Learn more about how to print Truck Curtains at How to print truck curtains with HP Latex Technology

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