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Color-matching between HP Latex 1500 and HP Latex 500 printers

HP-rana 30th of October 2018

HP Latex 500 Series printers offer the ability to achieve output that matches the color reproduction of other “Generation 3” HP Latex printers, enabling the use of a HP Latex 500 printer as a “proofer” (or “sample printer”) for a production device like the HP Latex 1500 or an HP Latex 3000 Series printer.

This document explains the process, step-by-step, of setting up a Latex 500 to achieve the best color-match with the production printer by using the Latex 500’s “color emulation” feature and creating new ICC profiles for both printers.

This document is intended for: Owners and operators of HP Latex 1500 (or 3X00) production printers who wish to use an HP Latex 500 Series printer to produce samples or “proofs” with color that matches that of their production printer when printing on the same substrate.

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