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Customer Sustainability handbook

HP-MarcM 27th of November 2014

Improve your sustainability profile with the help of HP Latex Printing Technologies

Open doors to new opportunities and engage more closely with customers by leveraging the health and environmental advantages of water-based HP Latex Inks. Build your business and attract new customers demanding more sustainable solutions from a responsible company.

This toolkit is designed to help print service providers (PSPs) understand the environmental advantages of HP Latex Printing Technologies, helping them integrate these advantages into a “sustainable positioning” for their businesses, and helping them influence customers and prospects to commit to a printing technology with a better sustainability profile. In addition, this toolkit provides guidance for addressing an everincreasing range of environmental regulations and customer requirements with the help of HP Latex Printing Technologies.

Table of contents:

  • What is sustainability?
  • Opportunities and challenges—the new market reality
  • Investing in sustainability
  • HP Latex printing: Expand your offering and sustainability profile
  • HP Latex Printing Technologies as the foundation of your sustainability profile
  • Bringing in business
  • Leveraging HP Latex Printing Technologies certifications and eco-labels as a business advantage
  • Benefits of implementing a sustainability profile
  • Resources and references
  • Reference 1: Finding out about regulations affecting the printing industry
  • Reference 2: Engaging with regulators and local government
  • Reference 3: Evaluating your sustainable position
  • Reference 4: Writing your sustainability profile
  • Reference 5: Energy usage checklist for print shops
  • Reference 6: Social and environmental responsibility (SER) policy
  • Reference 7: Develop your frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Technical report: HP Latex Inks and health and environmental advantages
  • HP 881/831 Latex Inks environmental profile
  • Environmental certifications and eco-labels overview for HP Latex Printing Technologies

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