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Do you know all the HP WallArt 3.0 new features?

HP-MarcM 12th of March 2015

News for your e-commerce business:

This new version of HP WallArt allows you to create a new e-commerce platform for your business in a record time using the new WordPress plug-in. Follow the instructions of the following tutorial to know more:

HP WallArt CRM Wordpress Plugin tutorial

In addition, the new HP WallArt 3.0, includes a “startup kit” that includes a great variety of marketing assets, such as, video tutorials, decoration applications images, HP logos, … that will be really helpful for promoting HP WallArt in your website.

If you want to start using this assets, go to your HP WallArt account and click on the “Communication Assets” label on your HP WallArt main menu, as is shown in the image below:

Usability experience improvements:

The HP WallArt 3.0 also includes several new features designed to improve the user’s experience with the solutions. Some of these improvements are the new JDF set up, the subfolder creation capability and the Dropbox synchronization.

The new JDF set up allows you to send the ready to print files directly from web-to-print to the RIP, without manual interaction, making the whole workflow experience much more efficient.

HP WallArt SAi JDF Workflow Integration Tutorial

HP WallArt Caldera JDF Workflow Integratio n Tutorial

The new subfolder creation capability will allow you to better categorize and search your available content. Follow the instructions of the following tutorial to start organizing all your content:

HP WallArt Subfolders Management tutorial

And finally, the possibility of synchronizing your HP WallArt account with Dropbox. A great improvement, which will allow you to import files and multiple images packages faster than ever.

HP WallArt Content Management Dropbox tutorial

Pre-defined templates to speed up the creation process:

Some environments, such retail stores, tend to change their decoration in a more regular basis than others. The new HP WallArt allows you to create pre-defined templates with which you will be able to speed up the process and reduce the mistakes when creating new designs since you will not have to create the virtual wall again.

HP WallArt Templates for Redecoration tutorial

HP WallArt In-store design:

Now, with the new HP WallArt In-store allows connecting print services providers with retailer point of sale. Placing HP WallArt stations in the point of purchase, the end customers will be able order customized wall decoration to the print services providers directly from the store.

HP WallArt In Store Design tutorial

Remember, keep tuned to the HP Latex Knowledge Center to learn more about these new features during the coming weeks.

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