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How to avoid substrate jams while printing with HP Latex 300 Series printer

HP-Sonia 19th of November 2018

Substrate jams may be caused by loading the substrate with too much skew: do not ignore the warning message that appears during the loading procedure in this case.

They may also be caused by not enough vacuum suction in the printing zone. If you decide to increase the suction, do not exceed the following limits: 20 mmH2O for banners, 35 mmH2O for vinyl, and 50 mmH2O for other substrate families.

If you experience jams only at the beginning of a print, try the following suggestions.

  • Disable the automatic cutter.
  • Go to the front panel and press (roll icon) , then Substrate handling options > Extra bottom margin and Extra top margin. Set both margins to 100 mm. If that is not enough, try higher values.
  • Increase the vacuum level in steps of 10 mmH2O. Do not exceed the following limits: 20 mmH2O for banners, 45 mmH2O for vinyl, and 60 mmH2O for other substrate families.
  • Consider reducing the vacuum percentage at the front of the print zone for thin substrates.
  • Increase the number of passes.
  • Make sure that the substrate is stored in the same room in which the printer is located.
  • Try using the substrate edge holders.

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