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How to clean HP Latex samples

HP-efuentes7787 3rd of September 2020

To clean the substrates printed with the HP Latex Series in order to inactivate the viruses without removing the ink from the prints, HP recommends using the following disinfectants:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide diluted to 0,5%

0.5% hydrogen peroxide: can be obtained by diluting the usual hydrogen peroxide which is 3% hydrogen peroxide with water, mixing 1 part hydrogen peroxide, and 5 parts water.

  • Chlorine Bleach diluted to 0,1%

0.1% chlorine bleach: can be obtained by diluting the usual chlorine bleach which is 3’3% hydrogen peroxide with water, mixing 29ml of chlorine bleach and 971ml of water.

Cleaning procedure

We recommend doing a manual cleaning using a cloth dampened with the disinfectant. Apply the product and wipe immediately gently and softly.

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