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How to create a new ICC Profile with the embedded spectrophotometer on a Z9+ Pro printer

HP Daniela Ciolompea 13th of January 2022

You can easily create a color profile using the Embedded Web Server on a Z9+Pro printer, which has an embedded spectrophotometer. The process takes about 15–20 minutes.

Here are the process steps:

1. Load paper into the printer. You will find the paper name in the paper or custom paper category in the front panel and Embedded Web Server. If you cannot find the paper name, you can create your own paper preset.


  • When loading the paper, make sure to select the correct paper type. Loading the paper with an incorrect paper type specified could cause errors in the profile.
  • Make sure that only one substrate/roll is loaded in the printer before starting this process.


  • The paper must be calibrated before profiling.
  • Not all custom paper can be profiled.
  • The minimum substrate width to create a profile is 20 inches.

2. In the front panel, select Add new media and follow the steps to calibrate the current paper. Alternatively, you can directly access Profiling from the Embedded Web Server, select Optimize print quality > Profiling. Calibration will be carried out on the loaded rolls.

3. Select the options for the print mode to be calibrated.

4. A profiling chart is printed. Unlike a calibration chart, most of the patches contain combinations of more than one ink. The printer automatically chooses the profiling chart for the paper size loaded.

A roll-paper format that minimizes paper use by printing across the full width of the roll:

5. The chart is allowed to dry for a period of time that depends on the paper type so that the colors have time to stabilize.

6. The chart is scanned and measured by the HP Embedded Spectrophotometer.

7. From the measurements made by the spectrophotometer, the printer calculates the ICC profile for your printer, inks, and paper type.

8. The profile is stored in the printer, so that other computers connected to the same printer can copy it with the Export and Import an ICC profile options in the Embedded Web Server.

NOTE: Some applications may need to be closed and restarted to use a profile that has just been created.

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