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How to move or store your HP Latex Printer

HP-Sonia 21st of January 2019

If you need to move your printer or store it for an extended period of time, prepare it correctly to avoid possible damage. 

  1. Do not remove the ink cartridges, printheads or maintenance cartridge. 
  2. Make sure that no substrate is loaded. 
  3. Make sure that the printhead carriage is located in the service station (at the right end of the printer). 
  4. Make sure that the Ready message appears on the front panel. 
  5. Turn off the power by using the Power button on the front panel. 
  6. Also, switch off the power switch at the rear of the printer. 
  7. Disconnect any cables that connect the printer to a network, a computer, or a scanner. 
  8. If you intend to turn the printer upside down or on its side, first remove the maintenance cartridge (see Replace the maintenance cartridge on page 159 of the User Guide)
  9. For correct environmental storage conditions, see Environmental specifications on page 189 of the User Guide.

NOTE: If the printer or ink cartridges are moved from a cold location to a warm and humid location, water from the atmosphere can condensate on the printer parts and cartridges and can result in ink leaks and printer errors. In this case, HP recommends that you wait at least 3 hours before turning on the printer or installing the ink cartridges, to allow the condensate to evaporate. 

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