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HP Latex 300 Series Printer Paper Newsletter

HP-MarcM 5th of June 2015

HP Photo-realistic Poster Paper incompatibility with the HP Latex 300 Printer series:

Recently we’ve received several reports from different users experiencing printhead crashes during the printing process when using the HP Photo-realistic Poster Paper in any model of the HP Latex 300 Printer series.  The HP media impacted include the following SKUs:

  • CG419A - HP Photo-realistic Poster Paper - 36 in, 914 mm - 200 ft, 61 m
  • CG420A - HP Photo-realistic Poster Paper - 54 in, 1372 mm - 200 ft, 61 m
  • CG421A - HP Photo-realistic Poster Paper - 60 in, 1524 mm - 200 ft, 61 m

HP recommends you do not use these SKUs in any of the following printers: 

  • HP Latex 310 Printer
  • HP Latex 330 Printer
  • HP Latex 360 Printer
  • HP Latex 370 Printer

However, HP Latex Media Experts recommend using one of the media listed below as a working alternative for the HP Photo-realistic Poster Paper. Click on the media in order to access to the profile available in the HP Media Solutions Locator: 

Paper media presets for HP Latex modifications:

Recently, a certain amount of paper presets have been updated or removed from the HP Latex 300 Printer series compatibility list. However, most of them have been replaced with new media presets. The new presets offer enhanced settings to prevent printhead crashes or head smears when printing with HP Latex 300 Printer series.

Below you could find the list of media substrates with modified media presets. Click on the media in order to access to the profile available in the HP Media Solutions Locator: 

 If you want to remove the old media presets and install the new one, follow the instructions below:

  • Check if you are using one of the media listed above and you’re experiencing issues when printing.
  • In case you want to keep a copy of the old media presets, follow the preset exportation procedure using the Embedded Web Server tool or through the RIP, since the new preset will erase the old one.
  • Search with the media locator or on the printer’s “online search” menu for the new media presets.
  • When installed on the printer, the new profiles will be recognizable by “rev.2.”
  • Once the media presets are installed on the printer, synchronize the RIP with the printer and perform the color calibration process.

IMPORTANT: These new media presets have been created with the firmware NEXUS_00_04_10.2, so you must to install this version or a newer, in order to be able to see these resources in the Front Panel of your printer.

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