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HP Latex 500 as universal color emulator to every HP Latex generation 3 printers

HP-Sonia 22nd of August 2017

With the launch of the HP Latex 500 series printer, HP also introduced the first printers that are capable of automatically emulating the color of every HP Latex generation 3 printer.

The HP Latex 500 series are equipped with an internal library that makes them able to understand and translate the color from any other HP Latex generation 3 printer. The solution is designed for balancing production or repeating samples. But the accuracy may not be enough for tiling or proofing. As with any other circumstance of color matching or emulation, every step in the process should be followed carefully to assure the desired result.

The steps are detailed below. HP Media solutions Locator and the front panel of the printer has a searchable database of certified Media. Both options, give the opportunity to the customer for choosing the suitable media for their printer per application.

If you want to learn more about HP Latex 500 as universal emulation process, please download the article below

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