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HP Latex Mobile App available for download

HP-MarcM 12th of February 2015

HP Latex Mobile App is available for download in both Google Play and App Store worldwide.

For those of you who don’t know the HP Latex Mobile App yet, you should know that this applications able you to remote monitoring of HP Latex 310, 330 and 360 Printers, including job information, print status and alerts.

If you want to learn more, please read our previous blog entry:

HP Latex Mobile has been announced!

Remember that if you want to start using the HP Latex Mobile App, you need to have installed the firmware 00_04_10.2 on your HP Latex 300 Printer series. The firmware is available through Automatic Firmware Upgrade directly from your printer. If your printer hasn’t updated yet, you can force the upgrade by going to the front panel and tapping on:

 Settings -> Updates -> Firmware update -> Check and Download.

Also, with the announcement, we’ve uploaded a new video explaining the basic steps to start using the App:

In addition, we’ve uploaded a new document that will show you more in depth how to register to the HP Customer Involvement Program in order to start using the HP Latex Mobile App:

HP Latex Mobile App registration tutorial

Finally we will like to communicate to you that the HP Latex Mobile App is just responsive on Smartphone devices. The table version of the HP Latex Mobile App will be launched later in 2015.

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