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HP Latex R-series printers certified by Color-Logic!

Color-Logic has certified those HP Latex R-Series printers that are delivered with HP White ink. Upon reviewing the certification samples submitted, Richard Ainge, Color-Logic CTO, and CoFounder commented: "The samples were printed on a metallic stock with HP White and CMYK inks. The combination of the Color-Logic software and the HP Latex White ink created dramatic Color-Logic embellishments, and the HP CMYK inks produced vibrant metallic colors."

Mark Geeves, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing, commented further: "The HP Latex platform, in combination with Color-Logic software for embellishments, enables print service providers to help their brands stand out from the completion in a variety of printing applications. As stores and brands begin to relaunch around the world after the Covid-19 pandemic, the need to stand out will be even more important. The HP Latex R-Series printer with rigid and flexible capabilities enables printers to target retail signage, point-of-purchase, decoration, outdoor signage, vehicle straps and graphics, packaging, and even short-run labels for their brand clients. With the Color-Logic tools, any designer can predictably add amazing embellishments into print using the HP Latex engine with HP White and CMYK inks."

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For those who would like to try printing Color-Logic samples on their own press, you may download a ready-to-print file of the Aston Martin poster and print test forms – The car poster was separated for metallic printing in under 3 minutes using Color-Logic’s palettes and plugins for Adobe Creative Cloud. The poster also contains a QR code that takes the customer to a video showing “how the effects were created” (also available here ).

The file and output instructions can be found on a dedicated HP landing page created by Color-Logic. You will find the sample files in the “Print me out” section:

Please remember to check the “Output guidelines” section for best practices and instructions on how to RIP and print files using WHITE ink.

About Color-Logic: Color-Logic develops color communication systems and software toolsets for a variety of special effect printing applications. Color-Logic provides brand owners, product managers, corporations, and their advertising agencies the ability to differentiate themselves and their clients with a simple print production process that yields dramatic results. For more information, visit

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