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HP Media Program and HP Media Solutions Locator

HP-MarcM 10th of February 2016

In order to provide HP customers with the most options for their Latex Printers, we developed a comprehensive media program that is comprised of four different classifications based on the level of integration and optimization with HP Latex printers and inks.

  • HP Branded Media, designed as an integrated system with Original HP inks and HP printers for optimizedperformance.
  • Media sub-branded with “ColorPRO Technology:” these materials utilize advanced coating technologiesdesigned by HP to optimize color saturation, sharpness, and durability.
  • “Certified for HP Latex inks:” media that have been tested and found compatible with HP Latex Printersand Inks. They successfully pass up to 20 different tests.
  • “Profiled only” Media with printer profile available, not certified by HP.

If you want to learn more about the Media Program, watch the following video:

Media Programs for HP Latex printers and inks

If you want to know which media are included in the HP Media Program and download the ICC profiles to start using them with your HP Latex printer, you can access the whole list in two different ways:

Media Solutions Locator: The Media Solutions Locator Web site is a tool that assists you with locating the best substrates for your printing. You can search by brand name, application and many more. Also, some of the media include technical notes in which HP provides some interesting tips when using a specific media, such as Ink Collector usage tips. Pay attention to the blue star on the left of each row. It will highlight the materials that have been published more recently.

Front Panel: You can also access the whole list of media included in the HP Media Program available for your printer(s) from its front panel (only available for the Latex 300 series and Latex 3000 series printers). Go to the Main Menu --> Substrate library (Online Search). HP Media Solutions Locator navigation

In order to access the online search option and get the latest HP Media Program updates on your printer, you must connect your printer to the Internet. If you want to know how to connect your printer to the network, watch the video below:

Benefits of an Internet-connected HP Latex 300 Printer.

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