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HP WallArt FAQs: Before starting with HP WallArt software

HP-MarcM 18th of March 2014

What printers are supported with HP WallArt? My printer is supported but it’s not displayed on the list


The following printers are supported by HP WallArt, keep in mind that some printer have had its name changed since June 2013:

Do I need to create an account?


Yes, and you must be logged into your account to access the tool.

How many accounts can I create?


In order to create a WallArt account only one valid printer serial number is necessary. WallArt projects are not printer dependent, meaning that the same project could be printed with any other Latex device besides the one used during the account creation.

There’s no way to assign additional serials to the same WallArt account, as they are not needed for the creation of the projects.

If you have an additional serial number; for example, you could create an alternate account with the extra serial number and use it for testing, for customer demonstration purposes, or to target different audiences (one account targeted at business/SMB owners and another account for personal/home decoration customers).

What is the measurement accuracy in HP Wall Coverings?


The Wall Art Solution design tool has an accuracy of up to ¼ of an inch. The sizes of some media substrates may modify slightly once they are installed on a wall owing to wet glue shrinkage.

Wall Coverings are delivered with some additional space to account for wall imperfections. However, it is best to allow some buffer in your design to account for variables such as wall irregularities. A buffer will provide leeway when positioning your design.

Additionally, it’s recommended to place critical design elements away from obstructions, or wall edges.

Do I have to have measurements to design a Wall Covering?


You can begin designing your Wall Covering with approximate measurements. However, it is very important to apply the correct measurements to the project before checking-out and purchasing your design.

How can I include the WallArt in my website?


You can embed HP WallArt project designer in your website, allowing external users to create their own designs. As the business owner, you will be notified of the customer’s projects and will receive the files ready to print.

This link is on your account's "Settings". You should check the box called “Allow incoming jobs from external link” and use the link on your website to allow customers to access directly to HP WallArt solution.


Through this link, external users can design a project that will be stored on your account. In this way, you don’t have to provide your account’s credentials to anyone, or does an external user need to create an account.

There are many ways you can implement it on your Website, for example, using a direct hyperlink or a button linked to the URL.

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