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HP WallArt FAQs: Problems when processing the file

HP-MarcM 18th of March 2014

My project is taking too much time to process. Project is stuck in “Processing” phase.


Depending on the project and the graphics involved,  PDF generation takes slightly longer than usual, so checking the site after some time can probably fix it.

In some rare occasions the PDF is generated but the status is not automatically updated on the page, therefore if you load another page such as “Open orders” and then go back to the “Placed orders”, the PDF files will appear there.

Worst case scenario, the server in charge of the PDF generation (which is different from the WallArt manager) could be down or under maintenance. In this case, the server will be operating in a few hours with all the pending projects completely generated. 

Unable to open a PDF generated in WallArt. An error of “Insufficient Data to Display Image” or “File is damaged or corrupted” is displayed.


This issue is caused by Adobe and its rendering engine “Monza” which is used in several applications and RIPs. The corruption in the PDFs happens randomly.

This is a publicly known issue and Adobe has announced that is fixing the PDF engine:

It is claimed to be corrected in some versions of their products, but has been found to be still present even in newer versions of Acrobat tools. The issue appears under several conditions and they have not fixed them all.

The problem does not happen using Apple’s native PDF render engine, Preview. Using Apple’s Preview, you could open the PDF in it and save the file as a new PDF, which will be compatible with other PDF viewers such as Acrobat or 3rd party RIP applications.

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