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Improvements after ALTAMIRA_15_00_10.3 Firmware Update (MR13.2) for HP Latex 3000 Series Printer

HP-Sonia 21st of August 2019

The ALTAMIRA_15_00_10.3 (AKA MR13.2) firmware has recently been updated. This update comes not only with improvements to information management to address image quality control tasks but also with significant time reductions in specific operations to offer gains in efficiency and greater productivity.

Summary of changes
Following the latest update of the firmware ALTAMIRA_15_00_10.3 (AKA MR13.2) here are the improvements achieved so far:

  1. Printhead gauge
  2. Color verification and calibration (CVC)
  3. Printhead check and clean scheduler
  4. Cooldown and warmup improvements
  5. Substrate load improvements
  6. Reduced substrate
  7. Result: +5pp OEE improvement

NOTE: Check the User Guide for details of how to perform the firmware update. Please download the document below to understand each of the upgrades mentioned above.

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