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Manual printhead cleaning procedure for HP Latex 3x00, 1500 and R-series

HP-ALBA 17th of April 2020

The manual printhead cleaning procedure should only be done after running the Hard Cleaning routine a minimum of three times, since there are higher risks of damaging the printhead with the following procedure. Nevertheless, if this procedure is performed carefully and gently, it may help to recover the printhead health.

Necessary parts

  • Distilled water (regular water can damage the printhead)
  • Lint-free microfiber cloth

IMPORTANT: These parts will not be provided by HP and need to be purchased locally.

Steps to be followed

1. Place the printhead with the nozzles facing upwards on a flat surface.

2. Place enough distilled water (a couple of drops should be enough) to cover the nozzles completely and allow some time for the water to soften the ink.

IMPORTANT: Use only distilled water as regular water can damage the printhead.

IMPORTANT: Make sure not to pour any water on the electrical contacts or any other part of the printhead aside from the nozzles, since this could damage the printhead irreversibly.

3. Very gently wipe the printhead against a clean area of the lint-free microfiber cloth three times, on a flat surface, in the direction shown.

IMPORTANT: Be very gentle when applying lint-free microfiber cloth to the nozzle contact, otherwise it could damage the printhead irreversibly.

IMPORTANT: Be careful not to wipe a printhead against any area were Optimizer ink may be present, otherwise it could damage the printhead irreversibly.

4. Discard the lint-free microfiber cloth according to local regulations, keeping in mind that the ink is not cured and can be transferred to objects, food, and skin.

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