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More exclusive images and beta customer quotes

HP-MarcM 9th of December 2014

Mobile App.jpg

Hi everyone,

I’ve asked to the HP Latex Mobile App developers if they could provide me some new images from the app in order to make a second preview. They agreed and they also provide me some Beta Customer quotes about it. I thought that this material could be interesting for you in order to know a bit more of the HP Latex Mobile App.

“I would use it as often as I use the printer. My desk is stationed some way from the printer so being able to monitor it from the other side of our premises is a great help.”

 “It is very useful to have the alert come through to my phone to prompt the ink change quicker then I may have noticed naturally."

Tristan Harrold, PressOn


“The app is really great! I can see when the cartridge is out, and order one without going to the printer.“

“If a customer calls for a last minute job I can give a fast answer because I know which material is on the printer at any time."

“The job counting is amazing!”

Haldun Küp, Sprintout Digitaldruck GmbH.

In addition, here you have some more exclusive images of the HP Latex Mobile App:

Substrate information menu screenshot:

substrate info.jpg

Printer selection menu screenshot:


Printer registration menu screenshot:

printer registration.jpg

Maintenance cartridge menu screenshot:

maintance cartridge.jpg

Remember that the HP Latex Mobile App still under development and the final screen of the App could be slightly different than the ones showed above.

Continue tuned on the HP Latex Knowledge Center for more info during the following months!

For more live information follow us on twitter: #HPLatex #Smartprinting

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