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New firmware available PLS_32_22_23.7 for the HP Latex 700 and 800 Printer Series

HP Ana Zafra 22nd of August 2022

A new firmware version PLS_32_22_23.7 is now available to download and install for HP Latex 700 and 800 printer series. 

HP strongly recommends installing this new firmware version on all units, as it includes significant improvements. 

This version replaces the previous one PLS_31_22_14.6.

New functions and usability improvements:

  • One-meter stabilization plot to improve tiling performance
  • New Update substrate library function to update existing profiles with the new one-meter stabilization plot setting
  • Improved workflow and messaging for substrate path blocked errors
  • New diagnostic plot for optimizer printhead depletion
  • Keep value for the skew check when loading a new roll
  • Right edge position value available on the front panel substrate application
  • Substrate settings update for generic categories

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