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New Firmware for HP Latex 54 Basic, 54 and 64 Cutting Solutions

Joan_o 25th of February 2021

The latest firmware build for the HP Cutter is now available to download and install. This new version includes new features and fixes detailed below.

Where to find the latest HP Cutter firmware build

The new version is available on the product support page at

List of fixes and enhancements included

1. New option for Black&White HP Barcode.

There is a new option for Black&White HP Barcode available in CONFIGURATION > BARCODE TYPE with options YELLOW and BLACK. When selecting this option, the cutter will be able to read the Black&White barcode used in HP FlexiPRINTandCUT version 21.

Note: In order to print the Black&White barcode, you need to be using HP FlexiPRINTandCUT RIP v21 or above. Customers using HP FlexiPRINTandCUT version 19 or older, will only have access to the yellow and gray HP Barcode.

2. Fix for an issue with the Ethernet module that could cause network issues.

How to install the firmware

Follow these steps to install the firmware in your HP Latex Cutter:

1. Run HP Cutter Control.

2. In HP Cutter Control, search for the cutter. The application searches the LAN by default; if that fails, you can connect by USB cable. The cutter details should appear on the Machine Info screen.

3. Click Actions > Upgrade firmware.

4. Browse to the firmware file downloaded from

5. Restart the cutter.

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