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New HP Latex Print and Cut Plus Solutions

HP_Guillermo Martinez 3rd of February 2021

HP is introducing an updated Latex Print and Cut Portfolio with a new RIP software version and completely new contour cutters.  HP Print and Cut Plus Solution enables print jobs to be identified and cut with precision, with an enhanced Optical Position System.

The HP Latex Print and Cut Plus Portfolio includes the following products:

HP Latex 335 Print and Cut Plus Solution

HP Latex 315 Print and Cut Plus Solution

HP Latex 115 Print and Cut Plus Solution

HP Latex 64 Plus Cutting Solution

HP Latex 54 Plus Cutting Solution

HP Latex 54 Basic Plus Cutting Solution*

Updated features include new Optical Position System (OPOS) configurations to optimize cutting accuracy, a new HP Barcode that provides more robust job identification, and downforce up to 600gr** to apply more pressure when cutting thick substrates.

The completely new cutter design includes a highly responsive and colored touch screen for more elegant and intuitive operation. Meanwhile, the blade, located on the right-hand side, is more accessible and increases the visibility of jobs being cut. The media basket also features a refined design and now has a smaller footprint when folded, enabling businesses to make better use of space.

The combination of HP Latex printers, a new RIP software version, and a new portfolio of contour cutters make the HP Latex Print and Cut Plus Portfolio a compelling offering.

The new HP Latex Cutting Plus Solutions are fully compatible with the HP Latex 700 and 800 Series Printers***. Equipped with the latest Raster Image Processor (RIP) software and completely new contour cutters, the devices allow for improved usability - making jobs easier and more intuitive than ever for signage and decorative printed applications.

* Only available in the AMS region.

** Downforce up to 600gr only applies to HP Latex 64 Plus Cutter and HP Latex 54 Plus Cutter. HP Latex 54 Basic Plus Cutter’s downforce is up to 400gr.

*** HP Latex 700 and 700W Printers can be directly connected while HP Latex 800 and 800W Printers require a RIP upgrade.

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