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Print with HP Large Format printers and finish with Fotoba, the best combination to deliver your production commitments

HP-MireiaF 7th of February 2018

Fotoba designs and manufactures high-speed, cross-cutting wide-format finishing equipment to work with a wide range of flexible media with precision, flexibility and speed.

  • XLD320 This cutter has been added of a new feature to trim in panels a whole image printed on 3,2 meters wide wall paper media. Being printed in one piece there is no color shifting from panel to panel and the joints are perfect being made by a single horizontal cut through the image. The media will be provided by Neu Kaliss Spezialpapier GMBH and printing shall be made on a HP LX3500.
  • XLE170WP This cutter is a simplified version of the XLD170WP. It has been designed focusing features on the wall paper application only removing those not used. The reduced cost enables to approach to this finishing indispensable tool a wider and expanding segment of digital wall paper custom printers

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