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Printing key signage options to fight covid19

Sabaté is a print service provider based in Barcelona and specialized in point of sale applications. Since 1940 the company has always been developing and investing in new production processes and materials, doing so while keeping the environment in mind. They were the first printing company in Spain to obtain official certification for its good environmental practices.

With the arrival of COVID-19 and the impact of the virus in our shopping habits, the company recognized a need to better promote the health measures across different supermarkets, gas stations, and retail stores. That’s why they decided to design a full set of applications that could help communicate these best practices within the stores to assist in protecting shoppers and workers alike.

These are some of the key signage options that they are producing today with their HP Latex 3000 printer:

  • Floor graphics to preserve social distancing
  • Personalized protective panels in the counters to separate the workers from the customers
  • Signs to promote card payments and avoid the use of cash
  • Educational roll-ups, window graphics and in-store signs with health recommendations (wash hands, wear mask, etc)

At Sabaté, they believe that this kind of signage will be critical in the near future, as the health measures change over time and key in-store communication will be helpful for customers to quickly understand and adopt the best practices required at that time.

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