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Printing porous substrates with the HP Latex 365 and HP Latex 375 Printer

HP-Sonia 19th of February 2019

Porous substrates may be used with the HP Latex 365 and the HP Latex 375 Printer and the ink collector, with which you must use the take-up reel.

The HP Latex 315 and the HP Latex 335 printers are not designed to be used with porous substrates and could be damaged by them, requiring a service repair not covered by your warranty. To check the porosity of your substrate, proceed as follows: 

  1. If the printer has any substrate loaded, unload it. 
  2. Cut a piece of self-adhesive vinyl white gloss 15 × 50 mm (0.6 × 2 in) in size. 
  3. Stick it to the platen as shown. HPLatex porouse substrate textile printer HP Latex 365
  4. Load the substrate that you want to check. 
  5. Open your RIP software.
  6. Download the test file from inside the printer: http://printerIP/hp/device/webAccess/images/ Ink_trespassing_check.pdf, where printerIP is the IP address of your printer. 
  7. Print the test file using the number of passes and substrate preset that you intend to use in the future with this substrate (or a similar profile in terms of ink limit).
  8. Unload the substrate. 
  9. Remove the strip of self-adhesive vinyl from the platen
  10. Look at the self-adhesive vinyl you have taken from the platen.  

● If the strip is completely white (has no ink on it), the tested substrate is non-porous and can be used for printing as described in this guide. 

● If there some ink on the strip, the tested substrate is porous and should not be used with the HP Latex 315 or the HP Latex 335 printers. It may be used with the HP Latex 365 and the HP Latex 375 Printer and the ink collector. 

11. Clean the platen: see Clean the platen on page 165 of the User Guide.

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