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RIP promotions with the New HP WallArt Suite

HP-MarcM 1st of April 2016

Have you migrated to the new HP WallArt Suite yet? Enjoy all the new possibilities that this version offers you and take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade your RIP at an interesting price. 

Enjoy a renewed experience tailored for customers:

The current version of HP WallArt Suite offers a myriad of new functions and opportunities to expand your business, including an all-new designer and unique order management capabilities.

Remember that to manage properly the PDFs generated by the HP WallArt Suite you will need a certified RIP.

If you need to upgrade your RIP, only for HP WallArt registered customers and for a limited time (Until June 30th 2016) you will have access to special discounts provided by the following RIP vendors. Click on each RIP logo to find out more about each offer.

Onyx.PNG   SAi.PNG  

        Caldera.PNG        Color Gate.PNG  

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