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Stylish sanitizers to help promote artwork during covid-19

HP-xavier.fort7396 16th of June 2020

Robin Sprong Wallpaper (RSW) is a multi-award winning wallpaper studio established in South Africa 15 years ago. From consultation to production, the company produces bespoke wallpapers and designs that showcase modern innovative aesthetics and represents over 80 artists, illustrators, and designers from many different cultures.

The lockdown has hit particularly hard in that region, so the company decided that they had to help their community by keeping their business open and operating, creating products that assisted the fight against Covid-19. That’s why, after some research, they decided to produce a fabric frame stand that could send a message, be stylish, move around easily, and allow people to sanitize without touching anything. Additionally, the sanitizer units can be branded with customers' logos, messages, and personalized artwork.

The best thing about the stand is that it is completely hands-free, can dispense up to 2000 times, and can be printed with an anti-bacterial coated fabric to increase the safety. On top of that, the company developed two different sizes (large and small) and is looking into incorpórating a temperature device as well as serving as a WIFI hotspot.

Although the main goal of this stylish solution was to help the offices, schools, and retail stores in their community, it has also been a good way to push and promote the artwork of the designers they represent. Thanks to these touches, the project has had incredible feedback from customers and some of their followers on social media have already placed an order to acquire one.

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