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The new HP Latex 3200 & 3600 Printers. Robust power.

HP-Sonia 8th of May 2017

The new HP Latex 3000 Printer series has been internally re-engineered to be more robust.

The new HP Latex 3600 and HP Latex 3200 printers offer:

HP Latex 3200 Printer


With the new HP Latex 3200 Printer you can respond fast to urgent needs with versatile HP Latex printing up to 126 in (3.2 m). This printer is ideal for large PSPs who need diverse application versatility, flexibility to change between applications, and the ability to increase productivity without sacrificing quality. With the HP Latex 3200 printer, you can keep your production in-house and save time, labor and costs.

HP Latex 3600 Printer


The new HP Latex 3600 Printer, has been re-designed for dedicated application production. This printer is ideal for large and very large PSPs and decorative manufacturers who need long-run uninterrupted printing, more unattended printing, and high operational efficiency for standardized workflows. This robust printer executes high volume jobs with guaranteed high image quality at every speed, all while keeping costs low.

If you want to learn more, please download the article below.

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