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The new HP WallArt Suite has been announced.

HP-MarcM 14th of January 2016

What’s New?

The new version of HP WallArt Suite is all about better customers experience, improving efficiency and adding new functionalities that can help you sell more decoration applications. What hasn’t changed? It’s for free for HP Latex customers.

New, advance, user experience tailored for consumers

A simplified design process, where in three simple steps you can create, edit and simulate designs using room layouts, furniture and window placements, as well as our new multi-wall design feature, all within a single project. 

HP WallArt Suite Multiwall.PNG  

Production efficiency and project management tools

New dashboard design, usage statistics and management tools for customer orders. Plus new tools for easily manage content.

HP WallArt Suite Dashboard.png  

The new HP Deco apps Suite to grow your business

4 Free & independent HP Wall decoration web apps, with an easy web integration and access to different content sources like Fotolia, Pattern design, Instagram, Dropbox.

Discover the new HP WallArt Suite by a free upgrade from HP WallArt 3.0.

Migrating to the new experience is very easy, only by clicking a new button placed in your Dashboard you can start experimenting the new product. To go back to the previous product, just click again on the same button:


HP WallArt Suite is only compatible with HP Latex certified RIP vendors

Check certified RIP vendor version list at

Starting January 2016, you have 6 months to update your solution and check the compatibility of your RIP software to enjoy the full capabilities of the HP WallArt Suite.

Stay tuned to the HP Latex Knowledge Center if you want to learn more about the new HP WallArt Suite.

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