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Think Inside the HP PrintOS Box

HP-Sonia 19th of September 2017

How HP PrintOS Box works

Customers can send jobs to you as they always did, addressing them to your company's HP PrintOS Box email address. Or, they can use the Easy Submit portal. Either way, it’s simple.

Then, instead of your customer service reps spending hours a day dealing with customer files – receiving, downloading, opening, checking, copying, correcting, preparing, and sending to other departments and production – PrintOS Box automatically manages customer orders in three simple steps.

  1. Receive – The application automatically accepts the customer's email, and creates a folder for the project.
  2. Auto-check – Box then automatically preflights the PDF attachment, notifies you, and sends a confirmation to the customer (you can click on the job in Box to see all the details).
  3. Distribute  With a little more than a glance, you can send a file to print. If needed, you can impose the job from within Box, before sending it to production, or have the imposition automated.

Want to make your day better, and your customers’ too? Try HP PrintOS Box and see what it can do for you!

Learn more at

* HP PrintOS supports HP Latex 11X, 3XX, 5XX, 1500, and 3X00 series Printers.

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