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Welcome to the HP Latex R Series Media Certification Program!

HP-AyelenFernandez2 18th of September 2019

We are glad to announce the HP Media Certification Program for the HP Latex R Printer Series. This brand new Media Program will offer opportunity and peace of mind to resellers and manufacturers of Rigid materials. A joined effort with Color Concepts, our new Media Program will test Image Quality, Media-Printer Interaction, Image Resistance and Media Processing. The Media Certification Program is the right way to deliver great profile quality in a cost-efficient way.

This Media Certification Program gives you the possibility of exploring certifications for a wide range of Rigid applications and types of media:

HP Latex Merdia Certification R Series Printer

R-series Media Certifications for Flexible substrates will start at the end of November. Stay tuned to receive all the information!

Get your Media Certified and be part of the R-series Media Certification Program world. Contact Color Concepts Netherlands or Color Concepts Salt Lake City (US) and start the certification process.

Visit the Color Concepts website for more information.

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