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Windows Security – Patch Required for HP Latex 3x00, 1500, 8x0, 600 & L65500

HP-ALBA 24th of May 2021


All IPS PCs using Windows 7 require the latest security patch. IPS PCs for Latex MV printers (3x00,1500, L8x0, L600 and L65500) are affected. This document explains the purpose of the patch and documents the steps required to install it.


A security breach has been found in Microsoft operating systems for Windows version 7 or earlier. The breach allows for remote code execution using a widely used protocol and service. Due to the nature of the vulnerability, Microsoft has released a security patch to fix it. Please follow the steps described to secure your systems.

Software required

Patch →

IMPORTANT: 2019 (05): Windows Embedded Standard 7 x64 (KB4499175) 100,5 MB

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the patch from the link (Windows Embedded Standard 7 x64 (KB4499175)).
  2. Run it on the IPS PC.
  3. Once the installation is finished, reboot the computer.

The system is now secure.

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