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Paper printing issues on Latex 360

HP Latex 360 Printer

#1 --- 9 years ago


We installed a Latex 360 around 1 month ago & after a few days of getting to know the printer we ran some A0 posters using the Sihl 3686 paper. The posters ran smoothly and had lots of colour saturation.

We had a requirement this week to run some more A0 posters on the same material, unfortunately we started to experience lots of problems when trying to print them.

Basically, the paper does not seem to lay flat on the middle of the platten whilst printing. This is causing the head to catch it and scratch the surface.

Ive checked all the printer & RIP setting and they are identical to the ones we first used. Ive tried attaching the paper to the take up winder, Ive ran jobs with different ink coverage & they are all doing the same thing. As a last resort Ive tried a different paper & this is doing exactly the same.

Any tips or tricks to overcome this would be appreciated.

Kind Regards


#2 MaxDigital 9 years ago

Have you tried increasing the suction of the machine. We had a similar problem when we incresed the speed ie less passes and we had the same issue, scuffing of the printed page. We increased the vacuum and the issue went away.

Good luck

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#3 TG-Frank 9 years ago

Agree. Sometimes the condition of the paper depending on temperature, air humidity and so on is the cause for the problem.

The value you have to modify is the vacuum pressure.

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#4 HP-MarcM 9 years ago


I agree with MaxDigital and TG-Frank, some medias can change due to the environmental conditions. Probably, for what you are saying, your ambient is now less humid and is affecting the paper.

I will recommend you to follow our colleagues recommendations, and please let us know if you problem is solved!

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#5 CDM Christian 5 years ago

I also print on the SIHL 3686 paper media. Anybody have any temperature and vacuum settings that they have lots of success with?

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#6 paul7092 4 years ago

I have this problem and trying to find a solution have discovered its quite common loads of advice but no one really knows the answer. Sometimes more vacuum solves the issue on certain mediums but on others it actually makes it worse. The paper is creasing/raising up in the centre which would suggest the rollers are not parallel or sticking that feed it for this to happen. The only solution I’ve found is to use the take up roller this is ok for long runs but can be a lot of waste on short runs so we tape waste to the papers edge to help.

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