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Textile Problems - HP L260

HP Latex 260 Printer

#1 --- 9 years ago

I'm trying to print on a be.tex revolution 4435 fabric from Berger. We're having problems with the material wanting to bunch up in the middle of the printer. The longer we print the worse this gets. I can get about 6 feet off with no problems and then we begin to get head strikes. Since we are not familiar with printing fabrics I"m not sure where to begin adjusting things. Anyone have any ideas?

Wesley Tucker

Print Promotions Group

HP L260

Wesley Tucker
Print Promotions Group
HP L260

#2 TG-Frank 9 years ago

Do you put the media on the take up and use the tension bar? I would strongly recommend that with this kind of media.

In addition, you could try to work with a reduced input tension (driver options).

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#3 HP-MarcM 9 years ago

Hi Tuckerwm,

As TG-Frank said, I strongly recommend you to use the Take-up Reel and the media holders when printing on textile.

In addition, this media you are triying to print is quite new nad we do not have a profile for the HP Latex 260 printer yet, although there is one for the HP Latex 360. You can try to use a profile for a similar media such as the “Verseidag Seemee Tex 2 Fold DS” a 12 Pass (100oC)". I attach you the link to the Media Solutions Locator in case you want to try it:\_mediaprofile\_verseidag\_\_seemee\_tex\_2\_fold\_ds.htm...

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