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Wall Art and Crayons

#1 Tim_Outspokensigns 4 years ago

We want to create adhesive wall art that is like a large page from a coloring book, allowing kids to color on it with crayons.

But it's more than a poster, it would be like a large sticker they'd color.

We'd print/contour cut to the shape of the art so kids can peel/stick to their walls.

Looking for material recommendations that would work with crayons?


#2 HP Daniela Ciolompea 4 years ago

Hi @Tim_Outspokensigns,

While investigating regarding your query, a question was raised. Which ones do you mean by crayons: chalk / wax crayon / felt pen crayon? Could you please share a picture of the crayons that would be used for this application. Thank you!

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#3 HP Daniela Ciolompea 4 years ago

Hi @Tim_Outspokensigns,

A few more questions on this topic:

  • have you tried any type of substrates so far?
  • should the crayon coloring be permanent or should it be washed off?
  • should the substrate be white of black (like a chalkboard)?
  • are you considering wax crayons, dry chalk or liquid chalk?

Please let me know all options you are considering, as there might be several solutions if the crayon type changes.

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#4 Tim_Outspokensigns 4 years ago

Hi Ciolompea Thanks for your feedback, we've found a solution.

Turns out that good old fashion crayons are working the best.

Attached is an example of what we're producing.

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