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Wordpress Plugin oAuth Issue

#1 Sasmita-sa 5 years ago

Hello Team,

I need your help for setting up the HP Wall Art plugin on my site. But I am getting authorization issue . I would like my guest users to use this too . So I would like to user the oAuth v1.0 Authorization Method . Please help to fix the authorization issue.

I am using following plugin.

WordPress version 4.9.5

HP WallArt Plugin with version 5.6.4

Woocommerce version 3.3.1

   fig 2.png
   Fig 1.png
#2 HP-Sonia 5 years ago

#1 Your oAuth 1.0 could be not fully compatible with your host environment and this could be a problem setting up oAuth method.

I will suggest to use our alternative method that should help you go avoid this error message. Access token based authorization: You can swap easily this by going at Settings > Web integration there are some details inside WP Plugin documentation.

To fill Access token based authorization section please follow the example below: Note that these urls have some parts in (brackets) that require a modification to fit your site.

http(s)://(yourdomaindotcomhere)/wp-content/plugins/hpwallart/authorize.php http(s)://(yourdomaindotcomhere)/wp-content/plugins/hpwallart/service.php http(s)://(yourdomaindotcomhere)/wp-content/plugins/hpwallart/content.php

Please erase the actual (brackets) before integration.

I hope this information helps

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#3 Sasmita-sa 5 years ago

#2 said I had tried this method too. None of these method are working . This method is also not working. I am getting access error in this method too. I had already sent my following details to the support team for help. But I didn't get any response yet. Please help to resolve this asap as mu business is getting impacted because of this.

1) WordPress URL and admin credentials 2) Credentials of your HP WallArt account, to ensure the configuration is correct 3) Credentials to access your Server via FTP, so we can check the oAuth code and its dependencies 4) URL of the site from where you are launching WallArt Designer (if it’s already available).

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#4 HP-Sonia 5 years ago

#3 We have modified the URLs for the authorization method and right now there is no problem on this point, please see attached image which is showing green ticks right now instead of the previous red crosses.

On the other hand we would like to inform you that we couldn´t find how to launch the designer from your site through our WP Plugin integration, we are worried about your website is not following the normal workflow for our WP Plugin integration. We regret to inform you that we do not provide support under modifications over HP WallArt WP Plugin. Although this does not mean that you can't change the Plugin itself and customize it to fit better your requirements but under customers modifications on the code we do not provide Support. However we are always open to receive requests to improve our Plugin in order to fit appropriate all end-user needs.

Could be possible to know if you have performed some modifications in the Plugin´s code? If not, could be possible to know from where you are launching the designet through our WP Plugin integration?

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#5 seba.present7137 4 years ago

#3 Did you ever found a solution?

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