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Cutting without barcades

#1 mreddlefler13711 11 months ago

Alright, i’ve been holding onto this unanswered question for years. I’ve asked techs, latex support, etc and no one has been able to give me a good answer. So forum, you’re my last hope. (Please don’t respond by just telling me to use the barcodes, i do currently).

So when i first started working with Print to Cut i had a very old cutter that i paired with my Latex 315. Worked well, no issues cutting. Illustrator had some sort of plugin that put the four (or more) marks and a black line at the bottom (not a barcode). This is how i taught myself to print and cut for the first two years before learning about barcodes. I print and cut the same thing over and over often so i reuse the same cut files daily. I used summacut to cut.

Now, last year i upgraded to a Latex 700w and HP64 cutter. And this is where things get wierd. I have some issues with barcodes, i’m sure it’s partly user error (i use flexi) but things get even worse when i try to use my old files. The cutter will cut them perfectly sometimes; and then other times it will read the four dots, the try and read a barcode when there is none. There doesn’t seem to be a mode that works with just the four marks, however the manual for the 64 latex cutter seems to say i should be able to cut this way. Literally it’ll cut a sheet, next day i come to cut the same sheet, same file, everything and i’ll get that error.

I know i can use the barcodes, but i have hundreds of files made the other way i shouldn’t have to remake. Also sometimes i have artwork that’s really close to being too big for the material and in those situations the extra couple inches that barcodes take up can be crucial.

so here are my questions:

  1. is there a setting for using the four marks that i’m missing, if so, where is it (keep in mind, they seemed to have changed some things for this cutters menu from earlier versions)? I can find the page where it discusses this in the manual if no one knows what i’m talking about.

  2. Since this cutter is HP, is there a program similar to summacut i can use instead? Can i cut this way somehow out of flexi and just never knew about it?

Thanks for your help!

#2 HP Daniela Ciolompea 11 months ago

Hi @mreddlefler13711,

It is difficult to advise on a solution without knowing your workflow. What I can advise are the steps to print and cut without the barcode (see also attached image).

  • Go to the Contour menu

  • Click Options

  • Deactivate the HP Barcode

I hope this helps.

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