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HP 54 Cutter - Kiss Cut on center of the media is off by -0.020" on the Y axis., kiss cuts towards the edge of media are accurate

#1 cchaseng 2 years ago

When we first got our HP Latex 115 print & cut, the cutter cuts across the media evenly (contour cuts) . We are coming up on three years on using our HP 54 cutter. I guess over the last past 6 months, when doing kiss cuts, the center of the media has been off by -0.020 on the Y axis while the edge of the media on both sides maintains the correct kiss cut. I am wondering if the wheel axle assembly is worn out or the center part of the axles where the rollers roll on has bowed down to where it does not keep the correct tension on the media is it going through the cutter. Any insight would be helpful.

I have done the OPOS calibration already to try to fix this issue.

#2 cchaseng 2 years ago

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#3 cchaseng 2 years ago

Photos added.

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#4 HP Daniela Ciolompea 2 years ago

Hi @cchaseng,

When the machine does not cut the job with the same depth, check the following:

  • The floor may not be level. Because of this, there may be torsion on the machine, causing cutting depth to change over the width of the machine.

  • The cutting strip may be worn and in need of replacement.

  • The bearings in the cutter head may be worn. Due to this, the knife cannot move smoothly up and down, causing irregular cutting depth. Replace the Cutter Head.

  • The cutter head may have been mounted too high. Spacing between the knife holder (without the knife) and the cutting strip should be 6 mm (+/- 0.2 mm).

  • The flat cable between the cutter head and the mainboard may be defective, having a bad contact, causing knife pressure to change.

  • The electronics on the mainboard controlling the current for the cutter head coil may be defective, causing knife pressure to change.

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#5 cchaseng 2 years ago

Depth of the cut is correct just that as the cutter moves across the center, it looks like the material is not tight on the cut surface allowing it to shift in the middle.

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#6 HubCityGraphicsLLC a year ago

#5 did you ever figure this out? We are having the same issue

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