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HP Latex 365 and 360 Not Printing Proper Length Vertically

#1 support7188 4 years ago

So I use SAI Production Manager, Has anyone else had this issue or know what can be done to fix it.

Basically One day out of the blue, The Length of each print started coming up 1/8 inch short per foot. So we do a lot of 48x96 and then it turns out to be 48 x 94. It was never an issue in the past, nothing changed. It does change also randomly, some days it will come out only 1//4 inch short and sometimes 1 inch, but mostly 2inches... PLEASE I hope someone knows what's going on with this???

We Also tried using production manager and played around with the settings and nothing, The Sizes are definitely correct in the software, but it is not coming out that way. We Also have an Epson SC68-600 and that prints perfectly fine.

#2 ivoslbg5445 4 years ago

#1 Hi support7188, Have you cleaned and calibrated the ОМАS?

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#3 HP Daniela Ciolompea 4 years ago

Hi @support7188, can you please check also these points:

MEDIA: If you change media, you still have same issue? HEATER TEMPERATURE: Try to LOWER heater temperature. TAKE UP REEL: use Take Up Reel (if you are not using it already). VACUUM: Try to increase the vacuum values.

Please store the media's roll on the same printing room some hours before printing in order to adapt the temperature on the media.

If none of these fixes the issue, you might need to contact HP support.

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#4 support7188 4 years ago

Thanks for the advice, yeah i have tried all those things. We mainly use the same paper, One day it works fine, but most days its always off. On our 365 the machine next to it, prints perfectly fine. I tried the OMAS its saying clean or disable from RIP, its really clean tried it few times but still saying that unfortunately. I must say it is extreme frustrating, specially when customers need a SPECIFIC size. and not a 1/4 short..

But thanks anyway, ill have to keep looking. and trying more things

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#5 ivoslbg5445 4 years ago

#4 problem stays with rolls (if dirt from paper stuck to it) and OMAS (needs replacement), but if printer is Off mostly, master restart it from cables and master switch on the back couple of times once in a week or before printing...but first, replace omas sensor...

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#6 Sensigns production 3 years ago

We are having similar issue here but our 365 is also printing 2 different lengths from crop to left side 119 15/16" right side 119 11/16... should be 120" Almost every print is a different length..... Because the printer was new the tech calibrated our printer for the media we use. Cannot use the printer because our panels are not lining up anymore.

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#7 sainath20608 2 months ago

#1 Please clean the drive roller and pinch wheels with isopropyl alcohol. Clean black rubber properly ..if there is any sticky gum on that clean it.

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#8 reply22523 a month ago

Ensure that the correct media size and orientation are selected in the printer settings. Sometimes, incorrect settings can cause the printer to truncate or extend the print vertically.

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