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Media Collision after replacing the Left Cleaning Blade

#1 drcleveland1963 2 years ago

Has anyone had a problem with media collisions after replacing the Left Side Cleaning Blade during the Cleaning Kit installation? We have not been able to install a new cleaning blade on the left side without getting media collisions over the new blade upon the initiation of a print. Thank you!

#2 HP-daniel.donnelly5413 2 years ago

The blade is not fully seated. After installing the blade, push down firmly on the black plastic clips located at the ends of the blade. You will feel it click down into place. Be careful because the small tabs on the black clips can break. If this happens, you can salvage the new blade by replacing the broken clip end with a good clip from the used blade. After closing the printer lid and selecting 'next', you can watch the blade moving up and down a few times before the carriage moves over the blade to perform the bump calibration. If the blade does not full retract (usually it's just one end) the rising media sensor on the carriage will tap the blade and stop the process - as you well know. Yes it can be frustrating, but if/when it happens, just go back and reseat the blade with firm pressure. Once you do it the first time, it will become 2nd nature the next time you replace the blade. Hope this helps!

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#3 jackhamesworth 4 months ago

Not so, but it could be tricky?

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#4 prihwohumwkrzt17898 3 months ago

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