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Solid blue prints always prints with streaks

#1 projects.shansign8014 10 months ago

Hi, I have had a problem for a while and I can't seem to find the solution. Every time I do a solid blue print there are always white streaks marks of the side of the print and always on the docking station side. I have replaced heads, I have cleaned everything to the point this machine is cleaner than when i bought it, replaced pip sensors, changed substrate and still the problem persists. The strange part is it only appears on blue prints, I do a lot of solid red, greens, graphics etc, but the problem only appears on solid blue. I replaced both of the heads when I first saw the problem and since change all my other heads. Any ideas n what to do next would be appreciated.

#2 projects.shansign8014 10 months ago

Sorry I forgot to mention it is a Latex 335

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#3 HP Daniela Ciolompea 10 months ago

Hi @projects.shansign8014,

Depending on whether the white band is vertical or horizontal, here is the troubleshooting:

If the Banding is horizontal:

  • Check the Maintenance cartridge. Check that the cloth is not wrinkled and it is advancing properly.

  • If you print the nozzle check is it reporting nozzle out? Please check the drop detector/ reset the drop detector.

If the banding is vertical :

  • Check and clean the pinch wheels.

  • If you move the image to the left side are the white marks appearing? Please check this workaround just to check is could be a hardware issue.

  • Try reducing the vacuum.

  • Decrease the drying airflow.

If after these suggestions the issue is not fixed, contact your support representative.

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#4 thomasshelby 7 months ago

If you are printing solid blue prints and noticing streaks, there are a number potential causes for this problem, including the following:

Ink or Toner Issues : Streaks are often the result of using inferior or unsuitable paper. Make sure you're using the best paper quality and type that your printer supports. Ink may smudge or spread unevenly if you use cheap or moist paper.

Paper Quality : Streaks can also be caused by improper printer settings. Verify that the paper size, print quality, and colour settings are all suitable for the print job at hand. Depending on your needs, adjusting the parameters could help get rid of the streaks.

Printer Settings : Maintaining your printer on a regular basis helps reduce the likelihood of streaking occurring. Cleaning the print heads, rollers, and other parts should be done in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Print quality degrades as dust and contaminants gather.

Printer Maintenance : Incorrect calibration of the printer can cause problems like streaks or uneven printing. To learn how to calibrate your printer, see the manual or the website of the printer's manufacturer. Calibration is used for checking straightness and colour representation.

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