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wrong length

#1 ye.mdy926604 4 years ago

My HP latex 375 print is wrong measurement when printing. Always i print 15 inches length on self adhesive vinyl; it lost 1inch. How can i solve this problem.

#2 bjorn.b5176 3 years ago

Try turning off the OMAS sensor in the medias advanced settings, then reprint and Measure.

Or make a 100" grid ruler file, then print it. Then measure it after the print on a flat table.

Most RIPs have a field in the printers settings that can be adjust the compensation of a file based on shrink and stretch of the media though the printer. Typically it is the amount of heat and tension being used to dry the ink that causes things to stretch or shrink.

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#3 HP-Sonia 3 years ago

Hello @bjorn.bedore5176

1 inch lost in 15 inches job, it is quite a lot. If this is correct maybe the job is cropped. If it was the case, maybe its something related to the RIP.

If you mean 1 millimeter? if yes then I will suggest playing with:

  • Temperature
  • Ink density
  • Vacuum
  • Take Up Reel tension
  • OMAS on/off (with disabling this option when the media is not properly navigable).

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#4 polodrawers513133 6 months ago

Hello @coreballye.mdy926604 Most RIPs allow you to compensate a file for media shrink and stretch through a dedicated field in the printer's settings. The amount of heat and tension used to dry the ink typically determines how much the object is stretched or shrunk.

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#5 metebi670515913 3 weeks ago

The majority of RIPs come equipped with a feature in the printer settings where users can make adjustments to the compensation of a file depending on the shrinking and stretching that occurs when media passes through the printer. Papa's freezeria

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