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1200 dpi print mode with vinyls, paper

HP Latex 200 Series

#1 dutst 7 years ago

I have used the 1200 dpi print mode for running textile materials and it works really well and is noticeably better than the 600 dpi mode, however when I try to run a vinyl, paper, or any other smooth media the 1200 dpi print mode is considerabley worse than the 600 dpi mode. In particular, it seems excessively grainy when directly compared to 600 dpi.

I've used a media profile direct from the manufacterer (Orafol) and I have also generated a media preset from scratch, both producing the same result.

I've attached an image showing some of the results. The top prints are 600dpi and the bottom are 1200 dpi. Am I missing something obvious here?

#2 ejborkez 7 years ago

Hi Dust!

Can you share some images wher i can see the diferencie between 1200 and 600 print mode on textile materials?

By the other hand, how do you configure your rip to reach that mode?

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#3 HP-ColorGuy 7 years ago

Where are you choosing the printer output resolution?

Current Gen 3 low volume HP Latex printers print at 1200x600 dpi in pass counts below 16, and print at 1200x1200 at 18-pass or higher print modes. This is true for all media categories (SAV, banner, paper, textile, backlit, etc).

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#4 dutst 7 years ago

I've attached some images for you. 2 compare 600 & 1200 with vinyl and canvas. The 3rd compares 600 & 1200 on canvas. Its harder to see the difference on the textile, but it produces a sharper image, whereas the vintl is noticabley more grainy.

As for configuring, I pick the preset/profile to be used and then simply double check the settings in the RIP. I generally have all the settings saved in the profile though.


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#5 dutst 7 years ago

I add the job and select the proper profile which automatically switches the resolution in the RIP settings.

I am running a 2nd gen model. The machine is called a Latex 260. but for most purposes its still referred to as an L26500.

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